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Code 318-9
Antique "Bourgogne" French Wine Carrier Converted from a Workbench

From France, this charming antique workbench has been converted into a large wine bottle holder. The workbench top still has its vise on the left front. There are 16 hand carved wooden bottle holders on the first rack, with Bourgogne painted in block letters on its frontage. The bottom rack is open and has a scalloped frontage, which can be used for storing various wine related items.  The finish is a warm, waxed, light walnut color.

Perfect for wine rooms, kitchens, great rooms or any area that is appropriate, this long wine bottle carrier will be a wonderful topic of conversation as well as extra storage for wine bottles.

CONDITION: Good condition with wear commensurate with age and use, including dings, light scratches, some minor wood separations, etc.

H=30 3/8, L=100 3/8, Max Depth (with vice)=22 1/2. Top board Only=16 5/8
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