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Code 917-25A
Antique Cast Iron Wine Corking Machine from France, Circa 1900

Although using cork wood to cork wine was in use since the 1600s (started by Dom PĂ©rignon), it wasn't until the last quarter of the 1800's that the wine bottling industry really took off. Production boomed. Between 1890 and 1917, the industry's workforce more than doubled and by 1930 it had increased fivefold, to a total of 10,000 workers. This particular wine corker was most likely made during this period (~100-120 yrs old).

Good condition, made of cast iron, and stamped CP. This would make a perfect accessory for a wine room or kitchen, and could be used again as a corking machine.

CONDITION: Very good condition. Recently cleaned and polished.

H=27 5/8, W=10 1/2, D=14
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