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Code 316-8B
Antique Wine Corker from France, Circa 1915
Cork has been used for thousands of years as a stopping device, but it wasn't until the 1600's that a French monk called Dom Pérignon, took a giant step towards the modern, most widespread use of cork — as a wine closure. Containers holding sparkling wine traditionally had been plugged by wooden stoppers wrapped in olive oil-soaked hemp. Dom Pérignon observed that these stoppers often popped out. He successfully swapped the conical plugs for cork stoppers and cork soon became essential for wine bottling. Production boomed in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Between 1890 and 1917, the industry's workforce more than doubled and by 1930 it had increased five-fold, to a total of 10,000 workers. This particular wine corker was most likely made during this period (~100 yrs old)..
H=29 1/2, W=16, D=8 1/2
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