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Code 818-16
Woman Frightened by Lightning that Has Struck the Tree beside Her- A Cast Stone Statue Inspired by Jean-Baptiste Stouf Original

From France, this wonderful statue is a replica of the original, which resides in Le Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Jean-Baptiste Stouf carved the original from terra cotta in the late 1790's. It is officially titled "Femme effrayée d'un coup de tonnerre qui vient de rompre un arbre à côté d'elle". This translates to "Woman frightened by lightening that has struck the tree beside her".  Stouf was known to convey expressions of distress without compromising the restraint of the figures. The intensity of the effect the wind has on the billowing veil and bending of the body is clearly seen in this statue.

This cast stone statue see below measures over 6 feet tall and will make quite a statement in any garden. It can be used indoors or out and is made of a mixture of cast cement and crushed stone.

CONDITION: Good condition with weathering and variations to surface texture and color.

H=74 3/4, W=50 1/2, D=34 1/4 (measured at base)
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