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Code 518-11
Single Pillar French Limestone Fountain from Provence

This hand carved and distressed limestone fountain from Provence can be used as a wall fountain or placed in front of shrubbery, gates or other edifices.  The top of the fountain is stepped out with a shaped piece on top.  A single squared pillar is beneath this with a stepped out frontage. It holds two iron bars which go across to the opposite side.  Cut outs have been made on both sides to accommodate them.  These can be used for holding plants or pottery. Originally, in France, they were used to hold buckets for filling water. These types of fountains were found in villages throughout the country, and they were connected to underground sources.

CONDITION:  Purposely distressed and aged for an antique look. Bar insertion holes will have to be slightly adjusted during installation to allow placement

H=38, W=39 1/2, D=29 1/2
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