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Code 810
Pair of Flat Cast Stone Wall Fountains from France

This beautiful pair of fountain measures nearly 5 feet tall, and features two cherubs emptying a pitcher which acts at the fountain opening. They are based on the original designs by the famous Val D'Osne iron works in late 1800's France. They are quite heavy, but can be mounted into a wall or leaned against it. These particular models date to the mid to late 1900's. It is unusual to find a pair such as these, however we would be willing to split them if you only need one. Please contact us if you would like additional photos or information. Thank you.

CONDITION: Good. There is a hairline crack along the top and some minor chipping, but otherwise, they are very sturdy and in very good condition. Small cracks only superficial..

H=59 1/2, L=35 1/2, D=5 1/2
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