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Code 518-10
Narrow Carved Limestone Wall Fountain from France

*Fountain not mounted flush in photos below to prevent instability (dry-stacked)

This narrow French wall fountain has been hand carved and distressed out of solid French limestone. It has a unique size at over 5 feet high and less than 20 inches wide (measured at center). There is a stepped out trumeau at the top and the upper portion of the fountain beneath it has an indented rectangular cut out with canted corners. A raised circle at the center holds the rusted spout. Beneath this is a section holding a raised half round basin with a stepped- out molding at the top. The bottom section holds a half round shaped pedestal with stepped out base. This is perfect for any area needing a narrow wall fountain.

CONDITION: Purposely distressed to imitate an antique fountain, with minor chips and ageing

H=63 1/4, Crown Width=23 3/4, Body Width=19 5/8, D=19 1/2
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