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Code 114-3
Pair of French Lion Urns on Pedestals

These beautiful French urns on pedestals are re-editions of 19th C. French originals by an unknown manufacturer. The color and consistency of the clay used to make these urns also matches the originals.The color is a very pale cream with grey aging. The clay’s consistency is extremely fine.

The ornamentation on the urns’ rims are fleur de lys surrounded by c-scrolls. Two lion’s heads and two scrolled handles are at the widest points of the urns. Swags of flower garlands drape gracefully around the urns periphery. Gadrooned lobes cover the undersides of the bodies and the urns' necks have linear cabochons and reed and ribbon moldings at the top and bottom, all placed upon a square plinth. The square pedestal bases upon which the urns are placed have stepped in moldings at the top and stepped out moldings at the bottom.These French urns are stunning and can be used inside our out.

CONDITION: Good Condition with minor rubs. Intentional uneven, antique patina applied

Total Height Approx 61 1/2 inches. Base Footprint=23 3/4 x 23 3/4, Vase Width Approximately 46 inches
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