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Code 219-51
Early 20th Century Italian Limestone Statue of Diana The Huntress

This hand carved Italian statue was made in the early 1900's using Northern Italian limestone. It represents a wonderful version of Diana the Huntress with Stag.  Diana is holding the back end of a deer between her legs as she reaches for an arrow in her quiver.  The front of the deer is turning its upper body around her hip to see what is ahead of them. Both figures are straddling tree stumps on a rocky ground. All this rests on a rectangular stone plinth for a total height of over 7 feet.

Diana was her Roman name and she was Goddess of the hunt and wild animals. Starting in 16th century France, statues and carvings of Diana were commissioned for several Chateaux, including Fontainebleau, Chenonceau, Anet, and Versailles. The large carved stone statue of Diana seen in these photos will look wonderful in any garden or interior.

CONDITION:  Good overall condition with old repair to antlers and nose of deer. Minor cracks and chips

H=87, Width=22 7/8, Depth=17 7/8
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