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Code 817-5
Pair of Cast Stone Hunting Dog Statues on Pedestals

This is a pair of reconstituted cast stone hunting dog statues with matching 3 piece pedestals. Unlike other dog statues on the market, these have incredible lifelike detail due to the fact they are from a mold that is a direct cast from a 140 + year antique original. Like any pointer, such as a Vizsla, European Braque, or Weimaraner, these dogs have a noble and attentive disposition. The originals, carved in the 1800s, were done by Alfred Jacquemart, and these were cast from a borrowed original set. They are finished in a soft stone color, and will work well indoors as well as out.

Total Height with Pedestals is 61 3/4 inches, and they are currently residing in our back garden. Please feel free to ask us for new photos, as they may age under our greenery. These regal hunting dog statues have beautiful detail and will enhance any entrance, garden, or interior.

CONDITION: Very good condition with minor rubs to stone. Ageing may occur since original photos were taken in our back garden, under trees. Please don't hesitate to request photos.

H=61 3/4, Width=17 3/4, D=30 1/8
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