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Code 908-56
Re-Constituted Stone Cupids Statue from France (2 Available)

This is a pair of cast stone cupids from France. They are cast from a mold that was taken off the original statue in Paris, France. It was salvaged from a building pediment and was sold to a private collector. First appearing in classical Greek times as Eros, Cupid became a popular motif during Roman times all the way through medieval, and into later Western European art. They are often portrayed with a bow and arrows, which originally represented a source of power. In the 15th century, the meaning of cupid was interpreted in many different and complex ways, but in popular culture, we associate Cupid and his bow with romantic love. There is much history on this subject.

As for this particular statue, the story is that one of the cupids holds a flaming heart.  The one holding the heart has his back left food trapped to the ground, while the other, (Cupid or Eros) tries to steal it. This statue can stand on its own or on a base. We have two in our showroom at the time being, but we are selling individually.

CONDITION: Very good condition. Minor nicks and rubs

H=48 1/2, W=30 3/8, D=19 3/4
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