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We have installed the same model fountain in the front of our store. Below is a photo of the installed product:

Carved Octogonal Limestone Center Fountain from Provence

This beautiful French center fountain from Provence has been hand carved and distressed out of Estaillade limestone.  The center post has a ball finial, four sides having recessed panels with stylized ogee moldings.  The ball portion can be left on or removed before installation. On two of the four sides, there are metal spouts supported by s-scrolls surrounded by circular petal ornamentation.  The basin is in the shape of an octagon. This style of fountain was found in villages throughout France, and the two bars were used to hold buckets while filling water.  

Condition:  Chips and rubs added for an aged effect. Photo 3 shows the hidden compartment that the fountain pump goes in. 'Bucket support bars' may need to be cut by contractor upon installation.

Installed Dimensions: Height Approximately 79 1/2 inches; Diameter Approximately 90 inches (depending on amount of grout used); Approximate Weight=4,800 lbs
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