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Code 219-5
Pair of 20th Century French Statues Representing Apollo and Diana

These wonderful cast reconstituted stone statues from France are of the twins, Apollo and Diana. Diana was known as Goddess of the Hunt, and is usually portrayed with her bow, arrows, and sometimes deer. Apollo was the God of Music, Poetry, Light and Medicine. He and his sister are credited with the invention of archery, so he is often portrayed with a bow and arrows as well. In this case, he is also accompanied by his hunting dog.

Various forms of statues of Apollo and Diana have been used to decorate gardens and residences since Classical Antiquity. These beautifully cast statues can be used inside or outside.

CONDITION: Very good condition with patina from being used outside for a number of years. A thin white plaster/mortar line can be seen along outside parting line of each statue.

H=55 3/4 (Apollo), Max Width=21 1/2, Max Depth=14, Footprint of Statues: W=14 1/4, D=13
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