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Code 1017-9
Antique Carved Marble Wall Fountain from Italy, Circa 1850

This elegant antique carrera marble Italian wall fountain has an arched, stepped in top with right angles to the sides. Beneath this and on the back plate, there is a round circle filled with a stylized palmette and faucet for dispensing of the water.  Beneath the circle are two shaped insets of pink marble. The basin is wider than it is deep and has five sides. Its exterior has large beautifully carved flutes all around. Beneath this is a narrow three-sided pedestal with a verde inset on the front. All this rests upon a five sided, stepped out base with a flat back. This magnificent hand carved antique Italian wall fountain will be the focal point of any room.

CONDITION: Good condition with minor nicks to marble throughout. Small chip to back corner of base. Some staining to marble in areas as seen in photos.

H=64 5/8, W=31 5/8, D=17 3/4
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