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Code 918-11
Pair of Antiqued White and Gray Fleur De Lys Anduze Pots from France

These wonderful painted Anduze pots have been finished with a with a matte white and blue-grey paint and purposely distressed. They are adorned with garlands and fleur de lys, and have splashes of glazed-over green paint near the Anduze markings. Originally, in the 17th Century, these types of large pots were used for planting lemon and orange trees on properties throughout Southern France. Today, they can be used for any type of planting or on their own as decorative pieces of pottery. These medium size models are completely made by hand, in the traditional ways. It is advised to use a liner when planting in these pots (no direct planting). During the winter months, if possible, they should be moved to a covered area to protect from frost.

CONDITION: Very good condition with intentional distress markings

H=31 1/2, Diameter=25 1/2
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