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Code 316-78
Late 17th Century Aubusson Tapestry, Dogs Chasing Wolf

This magnificent Aubusson verdure tapestry has clearly defined details of a Chateau with snow capped mountains behind.  In front of the chateau is a tree lined French garden with a fountain at the end . Stone balustrades and urns with flowers on pedestals are at the entrance to the boulevard and fountain.  In the forefront, are two dogs in pursuit of a wolf who has taken an animal from the farm.  There are two birds and an owl in the trees on the right hand side.  There is also a cat in the trees watching the scene as it progresses.The floral and foliate border is complete. 

CONDITION: Very good antique condition. Cleaned, restored, and backing with velcro strip recently added by experts in Paris.

H=94 1/2, L=145 3/4
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