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Code 1017-3
Circa 1760 Silk and Wool Aubusson Pastoral Watermill Tapestry

After the work of Francois Boucher, "Le Moulin De Charenton"

This stunning Aubusson tapestry was woven in the mid 18th century from silk and wool.  It is after the work of the French artist Francois Boucher, titled “Le Moulin de Charenton”. The focal point of the tapestry scene is the stone house with a large watermill and a forest of large trees behind it.  To the right is a stone viaduct with the waterway running through.  In the foreground, is a couple fishing, with sheep, goats and other farm animals grazing. To the right, top back are more buildings and waterways in the distance. The tapestry has crisp details, and is in very good condition, with a recent lining on the back.The scene is very serene and will be an asset to any room it is placed in.

CONDITION:  Minor areas of loose stitching. Wear commensurate with age and use.

H=84, L=118, D=1/4
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