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Code 918-33
Chateau De Versailles Silkscreen Tapestry Wall Hanging

Based on 17th Century Original. From Italy, formerly Rambouillet. The Royal houses of King Louis XIV (Copy of 1 of 12 originals).

Chateau de Versailles Tapestry is from the series of the original tapestries depicting French Royal Palaces, and representing the twelve months of the year. This view of the ancient palace of Versailles represents the month of April, and it is a silkscreen copy based on the 17th century original by the Royal Gobelins Manufactory in Paris, which currently resides in the museum of Pau in southern France. The piece below is from Italy, formerly the Rambouillet company.

CONDITION: Very good

H=101 3/8, L=87, D=1/4
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