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Code 618-26
17th Century Wool and Silk Verdure Bleue Tapestry

This magnificent silk and wood tapestry is from Flanders and dates to the late 1600’s. The tapestry’s overall color is referred to as Verdure Bleue or blue greenery. The colors are beiges, browns, and a wide range of greens all the way up to a deep blue green. The subject matter is simple, with two cranes in the forefront sheltered in a forest of greenery. The center section is that of an open field, and the top is a series of hills and mountains. There is a recent double border of strips in tan and brown going around the edge of the tapestry. It has also been lined recently with a tan linen material. Wonderful to view, this 17th Century Verdure Bleue tapestry from Flanders will give perspective to any room.

CONDITION: Good condition with some minor old touch ups and very minor areas of loose stitching.

H=78 1/4, L=95 1/4, Thickness=1/4
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