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Code 916-10
21 Foot Long Antique French Theater Backdrop, Circa 1910

This massive theater backdrop just takes your breath away when you first see it. Perhaps because of its size, you feel as though you are standing on the outskirts of a real French village.  First appearing several centuries ago, large canvas paintings such as this were once used as backdrop decorations in theaters. These backdrops are not too common today, and very large ones like this are even more rare, indicating the back of the stage was at least 21 feet wide. At the very bottom of this page are two examples of similar size, one from the theater of Queen Marie Antoinette at Versailles and the other, Chateau Fontainbleau.

The perspective of this painting leads your eye into the distance giving more credence to actually being there. At the center is a quaint village fountain, and old stone houses of varying sizes line either side of the dirt road. A wooden fence made from tree branches is in front of a house on the left, while a portion of a picket fence is on the near right. Standing tall at the end of the sightline is a church, and the presence of flowing vines and bushes indicates it is spring or summer.  The blue sky has a smattering of clouds completes the entire scene. This enchanting theater backdrop from France will give any large wall a focal point of any area of the house.

CONDITION: Minor separations to the canvas at the bottom. Losses to paint in areas. PLEASE NOTE, top portion of sky rolled in order to fit in our showroom

Height=16 feet 5 inches (197 inches), Length=21 feet (252 inches)
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Theater of Marie Antoinette (below)

From the Theater of Chateau Fontainebleau