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Code 319-26
17th Century French Tapestry Fragment on Frame

This framed tapestry fragment from France dates to the 1600’s.  What is so interesting about this fragment is the total scene could almost be a complete tapestry unto itself. It has been framed on the back and given wonderfully complementary borders on three sides.  The primary focal point is the Queen or Princess holding hands with a helmeted General, while two hand maidens look on behind them. Notice the details of her jewelry, a bracelet on her wrist, beads around her neck and a brooch holding her drape together.  His uniform has equally interesting details with bright blue coloration. The rest of the colors of the tapestry include pale blues, beige, cream, teal, etc. From France, this 17th Century tapestry fragment will glorify any wall it is placed on.

CONDITION: Commensurate with the age being in the 1600’s, minor holes, loose stitches, border has been added at some later point in time.

H=56, W=39, D=2 1/4
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