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Code 219-44
17th Century Flemish Tapestry Fragment

From the 1600’s, this Flemish tapestry fragment was once part of a much larger piece. Tapestries often did not survive in tact due to fires, decay, or sometimes, they were cut into smaller pieces to provide warmth during cold winters. This tapestry is in very good condition.  The colors are still quite vibrant and the details are strong.  The scene depicts two shepherds tending their flock, with the shepherd in the background looking towards the sky at an angel. The large figure in the foreground is wearing the same clothing, still showing rich blues.  In the background, is a village and stream nestled in a mountainous forest.  The tapestry has been lined, and a velcro strip has been added to the back for optimal hanging.  A single gold colored border surrounds the fragment.

CONDITION: Good condition with some minor reweaving and loose areas. Backing added, and velcro along top for optimal hanging.

H=106, W=61 3/8, D=1/2
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