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Code 117-8
A Large Oil on Canvas from Belgium, 'The Horse Stable'

Ernest Midy (Belgium 1878-1938)

This peaceful painting of Belgian Horses being groomed and fed in their stable was painted by Ernest Midy (1878-1938).  The stable master watches as the groom works on one of the horses. Notice the sideward glance from the groom to the stable master.  One of the horses to the right is still cooling down beneath equipment and a blanket while feeding. There are stone walls, hay baskets, stall dividers, and a floor filled with hay for sleeping. It is signed on the lower right hand corner, Ern. Midy.

CONDITION: Painting is in excellent condition.  Small loss of linear motif on left hand front side of frame and other minor losses to outside of frame.

H=51 1/4, W=74, D=2 3/4
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