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Large Antique Spanish Vineyard Painting on Canvas, "La Vendimia"

This large antique panel painting on canvas was probably once part of a boiserie (wooden paneled room). It would have had an opening in the paneling for the exact measurement of this painting. It is based on Francisco de Goya's 18th century cartoon, "La Vendimia" (The Grape Harvest) which hangs in the Prado museum, in Madrid Spain. According to the Prado Museum, the original work of art was intended for one of the tapestries for Prince of Asturias' dining room at the El Prado Palace. 

The painting depicts a gentleman dressed in yellow clothing, which symbolizes autumn. A lady, a little boy, and a woman standing on the stone ledge between them.  This woman, allegorically, refers to Ceres with a grape basket upon her head.   They are on the grounds of the winery and the gentleman is presenting a cluster of grapes to the lady while the little boy reaches upward for his share Two grape harvesters in the vineyard are featured to the back right.  There are mountains to the back and the blue sky has fluffy, cumulus clouds. The painting is signed in the lower left hand corner, A. Cid. This panel painting will be a wonderful addition to any collection.

CONDITION:  Professional restorations including patching where canvas was missing, fraying to borders (see photos). Wooden bar added for easy hanging. Can be hung as is or entire piece can placed on a stretcher. Also, borders can be left as is or modified, reduced, pinned back. Please contact us for options.

H=121 (10.08 feet) , W=141 (11.75 feet)
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