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Code 319-22
19th Century Belgian Winter Landscape by Jean Hill

This wonderful gilt framed oil painting features a pastoral winter scene in Belgium. There is a gentleman herding cows in a pasture.  In the background is a woman with baby and child walking towards them.  She has a bale of straw attached to her back, and a tepee and trees are in the background , against the winter sky. At the far back is a steam engine train making its way across the tracks.  The painting has an old giltwood frame.

The oil painting is signed, Jean Hill. He has written in the lower left hand corner, Watermael -Boitsfort, a town in Belgium. There is a sentence on the back of the canvas certifying it is he who painted it and signed again. Jean Hill was known for his winter scenes.

CONDITION: Minor rubs to painting. Old restorations to frame on side with minor chips and 1 missing motif.

Framed Dimensions: H=40 1/2, W=28 5/8, D=3 1/2
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