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Code 919-7
Antique Oil on Canvas Portrait by Johannes Kleinschmidt, 19th Century

Johannes Kleinschmidt was a German painter, born in 1858 and died in 1905. He was a master in the painting of portraits as well as figurative painting. This oil painting is no exception.  It is a depiction of an older man studying something in distance to his right.  Through the use of chiaroscuro or the ability to paint the strong contrast between light and dark, the painting becomes dynamic. Portions of his face and hair are highlighted against the medium tone on his clothing and the dark tone on the background.  It has been framed in a simple gilt frame. The artist signed the back of the canvas and dated it (1890.)

CONDITION:  Very good condition, minor restorations to canvas. Minor nicks to frame.

H=29 11/16, W=24 11/16, D=2 3/8
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