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Code 317-12
A Pair of Parisian Street Scene Paintings, 1900s

These elegant, framed oil paintings depict scenes of 19th century Paris, France. Glistening early evening lights from shops and cafes highlight the wet streets from a recent rain on both paintings.  People, horse drawn carriages, flower carts and various Parisian buildings line the streets. The paintings are signed by the 20th century artist, Jean Faurege, a French artist. They are in the style of the famous 19th century street scenes by such artists as Edourd Cortes and Jean Beraud. These because popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's and continue to be in high demand today.

CONDITION: Excellent. Cleaned and Frames professionally restored upon arrival.

Framed Dimensions: H=28 1/2, L=34 1/2, D=4
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