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Code 417-58
18th Century French Oval Painting on Wooden Backing


High upon a hill in a city, a woman sits upon a stone step playing the mandolin.  In the background are buildings, trees, and rolling hills. This oval oil painting on board with beveled edge, is from the 1700’s, and it is French.  There is an indecipherable, to us, series of French words beneath her draped fabric on the step (see photos). The canvas has been wrapped around the wooden backing and glued to the wood (marouflage).  There are wonderfully primitive, small pieces of wood binding the seam of two boards together.

This wonderful antique French painting from the 18th Century will be enjoyable to view for many years to come.

CONDITION: Good antique condition with losses to paint and craquelure all commensurate with age of 18th Century.

H=30 1/2, W=23 3/4, D=3/4
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