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Code 919-6
18th Century Continental Oil on Board Landscape Painting

This serene pastoral landscape painting dates to the late 1700’s.  It is a giltwood framed oil on board that at some time, has been cradled for preservation of the panel. Cradling is a grid of wooden slats on the back of a painting on board which creates reinforcement and preserves the flat surface. To our knowledge, the painting is unsigned, but we have not removed it from the frame.

The scene encompasses two groups of cattle. The main group, in the foreground is composed of white, brown, and black animals, drinking from the river. Behind them, barely visible, is another group, crossing the bridge. In the background and to the left is a hillside village nestled among the forested hills. The artist has been able to paint extremely fine details on a small scale, and the painting is in very good condition.

CONDITION: Good condition with minor craquelure and small area of touch up on upper left close to frame. Frame has old restorations including some nicks.

Framed Dimensions H=29 1/4, W=40 3/4, D=2 3/8
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