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Code 618-23
17th Century Tapestry Fragment from Brussels

Fountain and Architecture

This narrow silk and wool tapestry fragment dates to the 1600’s and is from Brussels. It is depicting a statue of the Greek God, Hermes (Mercury to the Romans) who was the messenger to the Gods.  He is perched upon a winged globe at the center of a fountain and carries a staff or caduceus, and has a winged cap and sandals. The tapestry depicts a pleasant scene with a fountain situated in front of the opening to a wonderful edifice. Verdant trees and shrubbery surround the area. The minuscule weaving of the silk threads has yielded very fine details in the architecture as well as the water bubbles in the fountain. The fountain has motifs of volutes, corbels, and a mascaron for a spout.  The tapestry has been recently cleaned and lined.

CONDITION:  Very good antique condition with minor stitch separations and a small minor loss of color to the right of the window

H=99 3/8, W=31 3/4, D=3/8
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