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Code 417-101
Antique French Oil Painting by Georges Maroniez

Georges Maroniez (1865 – 1933) was the son of an industrialist father who had a sugar refinery in France. Georges took courses at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Douai and studied under Pierre Billet. There he met the painter, Adrien Demont, who was the son-in law of the famous painter Jules Breton. Breton used light in his paintings of nature and the country much the way Maroniez used it in his twiight paintings of the sea and ports—always backlit.

This entrancing oil painting of Maroniez’ depicts a port scene at twilight, with the moon through the clouds backlighting everything. The sail boats, water, buildings and people all have a luminous quality. Throughout his career, he painted peasant genre scenes, landscapes, scenes of fishermens’ life, port scenes of Brittany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. This painting is signed on the canvas and has a small nameplate at the lower center frame, "G. MARONIEZ, Ciel Orageux, Nuit dans le Port". This roughly translates to 'ominous skies, the port at night'. Many of his paintings are conserved in museums in the North of France, especially in Douai and Cambrai.

CONDITION: Excellent condition with minor touch ups to frame

H=41 5/8, W=35 3/8, D=5
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