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Code 618-8
Antique Oil Painting of a Steam Ship in Rough Seas, Albert Rieger 19th Century

This magnificent antique oil painting of ships and boats in rough seas was painted in the late 1800s. It was painted by Albert Rieger, who was known for his ability to paint oceans very realistically. His excellent use of light and dark in all of his paintings, from forests, mountains and water scenes made his paintings highly sought after during the 19th Century.  This scene below, portrays a rugged and rocky coastline with mountains in the background, buildings along the coastline and the rough waters of the ocean.  Ships and boats are making their way through the rough waters with much movement displayed in the painting.

It has been signed in the lower right-hand corner and also has his name on a brass plaque, centered on the bottom indented molding of the frame. The painting itself is in excellent condition, having been covered with glass sometime during its history. The frame is giltwood with shells and palmettes at the centers and corners. Albert Rieger was born in Austria in 1834 to a renowned Italian painter Guiseppe Rieger. He died in 1905.

CONDITION: Painting is in excellent condition, the giltwood frame has minor chips to wood and gilding around the edges.

H=34 7/8, L=49 3/8, D=3
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