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Code 318-2A
Antique Giltwood Framed French Lithograph from 1866

"Bonheur Passe Richesse", Happiness Surpasses Richness

It is better to be happy and poor than rich and unhappy. However, if happiness is preferable to wealth, it is because it has a certain value. The implicit morality is therefore: the best is to be rich and happy.

The charming genre scene was printed in 1866. It is full of detail, offering a glimpse into some of the French furnishings and characteristics of an imagined country home in the 1800s. Upon closer inspection, you see a hunt trophy on the wall, pets, wild game, Os de Mouton chairs, textiles, vaisselier, horses, and more. And of course, the peoples expressions and demeanor as it relates to the title of the lithograph is central to the meaning.

CONDITION: Good overall condition with some yellowing of paper around edges, wear to giltwood frame.

H=32, L=41 1/8, D=1
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