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Code 718-10
Pair of Framed 19th Century Vertical Landscapes- Hand Painted Paper on Board

These fabulous tall vertical paintings date to the late 19th century, while their white painted frames are contemporary. Paintings on paper go back to the 1st Century A. D. when the invention of paper began. These two decorative landscapes depict fishermen with mountainous backgrounds, big cumulus clouds, and rivers and lakes. We also see tall, lush trees and the faint remnants of stone ruins. They are done in a soft mix of mostly pale blues, grays, and white. The foreground and trees are in a light brown and green. The contemporary wooden frames are a bright white. A color scheme is quite unique for European landscape paintings, and they will go well with a variety of interiors.

CONDITION:  Very good condition with some minor marks to frames

H=58 1/4, W=32, D=1 1/8
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