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Code 618-19
Large 18th Century Wool and Silk Verdure Landscape Tapestry from Flanders

This impressive verdure landscape tapestry, made from wool and silk dates to the 18th Century and is from Flanders, or approximately, present day Northern France and Belgium.  Along with the usual colors associated with verdure tapestries, this piece has touches of reds, blues and oranges which add interest. The focal point of the scene is a fortified castle perched on top of a large rocky cliff seated within a body of water. Trees, foliage, flowers and boulders are on the surrounding banks with swans, egrets, cranes, turkey, and parrots in the trees and on the shore. There is a continuous border with motifs surrounding the tapestry. Tapestries from Flanders were considered to be some of the finest woven during the 18th Century. This 15.5 foot long tapestry will be the focal point anywhere it is hung.

CONDITION: Good overall condition with recent restorations to border and a small center area. Some fading to border, minor weave separations. Tapestry is unlined. Velcro strip sewn to top for optimal hanging. Was likely reduced at one point in its history from an even larger size

H=100 1/2, Length=185 1/2 (15.5 feet)
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