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Code 417-5
19th Century French Oil Painting after Nicolas Lancret, "La Jeunesse"

This 19th Century French, framed, oil painting is in the manner of Nicolas Lancret, a late 1600’s artist. La Jeunesse is translated to, The Young , which describes the scene.  A group of young men and women are involved in an outdoor setting with two men shooting their arrows, while the others are involved in a variety of amorous activities. In the background are mountains and a body of water with trees in the foreground. The frame has been painted into the colors complementing the colors of the painting. The last photo on this page is courtesy of the National Gallery of Art, Washington. It is an engraving and etching by Larmessin in 1735. The text roughly translates to the following:

"Why are the struggles and quarrels so dear to youth
What trivial qualities does this reveal?
Each wishes to excel in the eyes of his lover
But love always triumphs in the arena of life"

Engraving at bottom of page by NICOLAS DE LARMESSIN IV AFTER NICOLAS LANCRET La jeunesse, 1735 Engraving and etching Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington

CONDITION: Very good condition with minor scratches, losses of paint and craquelure.

H=39 7/8, W=32 7/8, D=2 1/8
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