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Pair of 19th Century Louis XV Style Overdoor Paintings from Italy


These two overdoor paintings, one of a cherub and the other of two children, have been beautifully framed in a meticulously hand carved Louis XV style of ornamentation. The frames have been painted in colors complementary to the colors in the paintings.  Gilt highlights separate the frames from the paintings.  The artist has signed V. Sinaglia. Records show this artist worked in the late 1800s through the very beginning of the 1900s. These are signed 99', indicating 1899. 

The painting of the two children depicts them on a grassy ledge next to a body of water.  Flowers are in the forefront, with trees and shrubbery all around them. One child is eating a piece of fruit, perhaps an apple, while the child behind the other has a fishing pole in both hands looking intently, at a small fish on his line. This artist has captured a look of childlike innocence in their faces and demeanor. The other painting depicts a cherub lying in netting on the grass with vines of blooming flowers and trees all around.  Various birds are resting upon twigs over the cherub.

These originally were over doors that were have been part of a paneled room, which would have had the same motifs and coloration. They can be placed over doors once again or simply hung as art.  They could also be used as headboards. What appears to read "E Crida 99" is also painted on each canvas.

CONDITION:  Very good antique condition with minor losses to frame paint, gilding and motifs. Two miniscule holes to canvas depicting two children; minor frame paint overlapping onto gilding onto both.

H=38, W=49 3/4, D=6
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