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Code 614-17
19th Century Harbor Scene Painting from France-Oil on Canvas

This appealing antique French Oil Painting depicts a night time harbor scene. The moon is passing through some large dark clouds in the sky and highlighting the gently rippling waters of the wetlands and harbor. On the far right hand side, is a boulevard at the base of a hillside having small and large buildings. Flickering lights in windows can be seen along the old lamp post lit boulevard. Two tall edifices are in a prominent position behind the other buildings. In the harbor are boats that are docked, some are lit with people conversing, while others are simply docked at the harbor. Across the harbor is a small building on the rocky shoreline with people check their nets. This captivating harbor scene will be a source of conversation wherever it is placed. The frame is gilded with minor restorations, and period Empire.

Signed and Dated. Letters and numbers are hard to make out. Please inquire for more information.

CONDITION: Good condition. Frame has undergone recent minor restoration. Minor nicks and splits to frame, and minor craquelure to paint.

H=33 1/8, W=43 1/4
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