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Code 1216-3
Large Antique Oil Painting on Canvas, Harbor at Sunset and the Villa Medici

This exquisite antique oil painting on canvas depicts a harbor at sunset and the Villa Medici. It is after a painting by the famous French artist Claude Le Lorrain in 1637.  This one is unsigned and was painted in the early 1800’s. It depicts ships docked in the harbor with the Villa Medici on the far right-hand side.  Workers are on the ships and in small boats transporting cargo, while more workers are on the beach collecting the cargo. Notice the lines of the masts as well as the rigging of the ships.  They have been painted in an abundance of perfect perspective.  This artist was a master of detail in perspective.

CONDITION:  The painting is in very good antique condition.  There is one small raised area of the canvas at the top right beneath the frame.

H=45 1/4 Length=57 1/2, D=2 3/8
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