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Code 918-34
Flanders Game Park Silkscreen Tapestry Wall Hanging

Based on a 16th Century Original. Made in Italy, formerly Rambouillet. Copy of original tapestry from Chateau D'Angers in France.

This is an excellent representation of an original tapestry of the Medieval period. Flanders was creating some of the best textiles in the world during the middle of the European Renaissance, in the late 1500’s. During this time, the subject matter of tapestries were often depicting rich wooded scenes with animals and hunting motifs. There were thick forests and parklands, scenes filled with deer, birds, exotic animals, and even mythological creatures. These were later referred to as Game Park tapestries, and the one seen here is a good example. It also calls out to the "mille-fleurs" style, translated as "one thousand flowers". The piece below is from Italy, formerly the Rambouillet company.

CONDITION: Very good

H=76, L=99
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