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Code 417-98
French Oil Painting by Raymond Desvarreux 1876-1963

The Cavalry Entering a Village in France, Napoleonic Wars

This wonderful oil painting by Raymond Desvarreux depicts the cavalry entering a village in France, during the Napoleonic Wars. To their right are buildings and homes with a typical stone center fountain used by the residents for water. The colors of the cavalry are bright against the somewhat muted colors of the buildings. His rendition of the people in this painting is in wonderful proportion and the horses’ confirmation and movement is excellent. The giltwood frame is a perfect complement to the painting. Raymond Desvarreux, 1876 – 1961, a French Painter was the son of James Desvarreux-Larpenteur, an American painter. Like his father he painted landscapes, horses and hunting scenes, however, became well known for his military paintings, exhibiting at the Salon de Paris. He was a member of the Society of Military Painters in 1913. Under the direction of Louis Dumoulin, he participated in the panorama of the Battle of Waterloo and was awarded a gold medal at the Salon in 1913. He was approved by the Army Museum in 1914 and appointed painter of the Ministry of War in February 1915.

CONDITION: Excellent condition with very minor rubs to gilding on frame and one minor crack.

H=25 1/4, W=28 3/4, D=4
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