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Code 219-3
Antique French Quadriptych of The Four Seasons, Oil on Canvas, 19th Century

This bright antique quadriptych of the Four Seasons depicts pastoral French landscapes of people and animals in settings of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  Each painting is the same size and features a large tree in its various stages of foliage throughout the year. In the Spring, we see a woman with some swans next to a pond, with sheep herder and dog in the background. Storm clouds are forming above. In the summer, the large tree is green against a luminous blue sky as workers tend to the fields. We move into Fall with a mystical light, classic colors of Autumn, and large stag presiding over other deer. And finally, as winter descends on a French village, the skies are dark, and the roof tops are covered in a contrasting bright white snow. This charming set of Four Season oils are in very good antique condition, and are a product of the late 19th century French school of artists.

CONDITION: Very good condition with some repairs as seen in photos.

H=35 1/2, Width of Each Painting=12 1/4, D=3/4
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