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Code 319-94A
La Marchande De Fleurs, Oil on Canvas from France, Signed Leroy

From France, this charming French street scene painting depicts a female street vendor selling flowers.  She is known as the Marchande de Fleurs. To the side and front of her is a man slightly bowing to her, holding out his hand with his hat in the other hand.  Behind them are primitive town buildings, with larger more typical Parisian buildings in the distance. Another woman is walking down the street with a bucket in each hand on the far right behind them. The scene coincides with what Paris might have looked like just as the Haussmannian era was taking shape.  The painting has a wonderful giltwood frame, and the canvas is signed, Leroy.

CONDITION:  Very good. Minor chips to sides of frame. Frame is more recent.

H=19 1/4, L=22 5/8, D=2
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