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Code 716-1
17th Century Flemish Tapestry of Forested Countryside, Wool and Silk, Circa 1680

This period Louis XIV, 17th century silk and wool tapestry from Flanders has an abundance of fascinating motifs and details. The richly forested scene shows a clearing with a small pond, surrounded by a plethora of vegetation. Framing all of this is a remarkable floral and foliate border with 8 elegant cartouches. It is rare to see such a thick and rich border. The cartouches in the 4 corners depict doves with rays of light on a blue sky background encircled with collars. This represents the Order of the Knights of the Holy Spirit. The four other cartouches at the midpoints feature medallions of smaller wooded scenes.

CONDITION: Good condition with with some small separations. These can always be stitched. Backing and velcro strip added for optimal hanging (museum standard). Additional photos available upon request.

H=118, W=105 1/2, D=1/4
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