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Code 718-3
A Late 16th Century Flemish Game Park Tapestry with Unicorn, Stag, and Boar

This magnificent tapestry was woven in Flanders during the middle of the European Renaissance, in the late 1500’s. At this time, Flanders was creating some of the best textiles in the world, and many of the rich wooded scenes with animals and hunting motifs began to appear. Tapestries subjects were thick forests and parklands, hunting scenes filled with deer, birds, exotic animals, and even mythological creatures. These were later referred to as Game Park tapestries, and the one seen here is a perfect example. It depicts animals running throughout a foliate background. A wild boar gives chase to a large stag and mythological unicorn.  On the right-hand side are more deer, horses, and birds in the trees. 

This tapestry is a fragment, yet the inner border was likely salvaged from the large original. A more contemporary dark blue border surrounds it, and the back has recently been lined with cross stitching. Wonderful to study, this 16th Century Game Park tapestry will be the focal point of any room.

CONDITION:  Good antique condition with some fading as seen in photos below. Small and minor loose areas, and likely some reweaves all commensurate with age

H=103 1/4, W=68 3/4, D=1/2
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