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Code 1217-6
18th Century Tapestry from Belgium

This stunning tapestry from Belgium dates to the 1700’s.  The details of this tapestry, including the Chateau, trees and shrubbery are well executed.  The scene features a woman with a dog on a leash, and a man who appears to be presenting or exchanging spears with her. Notice the beautiful draping of their outfits, and the rich red color which remains after all these years. This tapestry is a fragment, meaning it was once part of a much larger tapestry, of which the remaining portions did not survive. This particular fragment is special in that it encompasses a complete scene, has a rich dash of color and has a double border of complimentary colors. It has also been lined on the back.

CONDITION: Very good condition with minor seam separations.

H=90 3/4, W=48 1/4, D=1/4
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