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Code 417-47
17th Century Wool Tapestry from Flanders

This silk and wool tapestry from Flanders was woven during the period of time when Flanders was known for weaving some of the finest tapestries.  Tapestries were originally designed to protect from the damp and cold conditions of medieval castle walls. As tapestry weaving developed in Bruges and Brussels, the tapestries became very large, complex, and generally displayed ones power or wealth. The first thing you notice about the tapestry seen below, is its large personages and blue and beige colors. It depicts a meeting of different warriors outside of their tented area. The head person is seated in an ornate chair with scrolls for armrests. His stockings depicts a fox’s face. There is a woven fabric behind his legs with ribbon borders ending in stylized dolphins. The background depicts various trees, shrubs, mountains, and people in detailed and ornate clothing. There is a woven decorative border and the standard binding around the scene.  This spectacular tapestry from Flanders exhibits rich blues, shades of green, beige and browns and will be a focal point in any area it is placed.

CONDITION:  Excellent condition with minor separations, and wear commensurate with age being in the 1600’s.  Please inspect photos. Circular loops sewn along top for easy hanging

H=105 1/4,W=73 1/2, D=1/4
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