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Code 117-9
Belgian Oil Painting on Canvas, 'Draft Horses on The Antwerp Docks under Moonlight', Dated 1921

Julien T’Felt (Belgian, 1874-1933)

This framed oil on canvas painting depicts Belgian Draft Horses at the Antwerp Docks under moonlight. The horses are being ridden by men who are there to pick up cargo from the ships. Other people are mingling throughout the scene, waiting for their items. The Belgian artist, Julien ‘t Felt, mastered the lighting in this painting artfully. There are gas lights, ships’ lights, and the moonlight shining at different angles throughout the painting. At the center and foremost in the painting, are the Draft Horses, with their large and splendid presence. Ships are in the background with their masts highlighted by the moonlight. Gaslights line the path to the right. This magnificent painting will be the focal point wherever it is placed.

CONDITION: Painting is in very good condition. Frame has had previous restorations and overpainting.

H=35 /34, Length=47 1/2, D=3 1/2
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