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Code 917-9
Circa 1600 French Aubusson Tapestry Depicting the Coronation of a King

This Aubusson tapestry depicts the coronation a King, kneeling before a section of layered drapery. He is dressed in a Royal robe decorated with the Fleur-de-Lis motif. His crown is to the right of his knee and it too, has a Fleur de Lis on top of it.  Behind him and to the left, is a column over a balcony with a partial view of trees and greenery (verdure). A tassel hangs from the uppermost portion of the drapery. The tapestry has a beautiful wide border with multiple motifs. It was once part of a much larger tapestry, which has not survived.

CONDITION: Some small holes, section portions in areas have loose threads. The tapestry back is fully lined.

H=107 3/8, W=62 1/2, D=1/2
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