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Large Antique Boiserie Painting, Chateau Chambord, Germain Detanger 1893

This large antique French painting is a depiction of one of the most famous Chateaux in France. This magnificent piece is just over 7 feet high (as is), and close to 9.5 feet wide. Chateau Chambord was originally built in the 16th century and is the largest in the Loire Valley. It is instantly recognizable by it's unique roofline. In the foreground, is long ornate balustrade with overhanging flowers, red drape, foliage, and a large pelican or macaw. The main subject, the chateau itself is placed in the background, in a wide, sweeping landscape view. This is based on the 18th century tapestry, "Le Chateau de Chambord, Le Mois de Septembre" by the Manufacture Royale des Gobelins. It was one of twelve, representing each month of the year and each one with a different Royal palace in the background. All 12 are depicted with the Chateau in the wide background, with walls, balustrades, animals and sometimes people in the foreground.

This was painted by Germain Detanger, student of Ecole des Beaux Arts de Lyon, in 1893. Detanger started exhibiting his works in the 1860s and soon took on commissions for the Salons of the Montgolfier family, the Naval steel mills at St. Chamond, and the Administrative buildings of the Rhone Department. Germain Detanger was a multi-talented 19th century French artist. This painting was added to relatively recent stretchers about 15-20 years ago and there is about 11 inches from the top that has been folded back. This massive antique French painting by Germain Detanger offers beautiful perspective and will be the focal point of any area it is placed

CONDITION: Good condition with minor losses of paint to canvas and around stretchers. Some vertical fold marks to front of canvas, where it was previously folded.

H=84 3/4, Length=112 5/8, D=1 3/8
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